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Past Events: Second Annual Interactive Fiction Creator’s Conference

This year the Second Annual Interactive Fiction Creator’s Conference has the theme “Interactive Fiction for everyone!” Join us as well as celebrate the state of interactive fiction and speak to books, games, and writers for all interactive media. You’ll hear from experts that help writers hone their craft, some of the best writers in the world, businesses to help you as a writer, and some surprises we have up our sleeve.



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  1. If you are looking to publish your Twine story, look no further than @decisionfiction. Not only can they publish your Twine story and add gamification, but they are also just really cool people to work with. Passionate, and most important, friendly, with a love for the IF World

  2. Hello. I am writing a choice book using twine and would like to turn it into an app. I would like to know more about your service.



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