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Horror at Adesaw

In the last twelve months, I have been dumped by the person I love. I was forced to leave the apartment I shared. I had to move back to my sleepy hometown and live in the basement of my parent’s house, AND return to the local grocery store I worked at in high school, all while watching my more successful friends leave me behind…and this is just the start of my journey, which I have been playing on the Android Platform. (more…)

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Project Hyrax: Game Review

Today we will be reviewing the Android Interactive Fiction story Project Hyrax. The basic premise of the story is this: “A scientist has to travel back in time to search for his father, who’s lost in a prehistoric period due to a failed time experiment, and you must help him. He needs to venture deep into a primeval jungle to complete his mission. Is this just another search and rescue mission, or is there something else going on in the ancient world?”

First off, let me preface this review by saying, I was a huge fan of the American show “Quantum Leap” growing up. If you’ve never seen the show, do yourself a favor and check it out. That said, I was immediately hooked on the basic idea behind “Project Hyrax.” We have our main character, looking for their f…

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The Pulse: Game review

The Pulse: An interactive sci-fi narrative

Canadian developers StoryFix Media are gearing up to release their first text adventure game called The Pulse at the end of October. StoryFix Media Inc. was founded in 2018 by four family members with a passion for engaging stories told across multiple genres, mediums, and platforms. Their first releases include the YA survival novel, “New Horizons” and the choose-your-own-adventure mobile game, “The Pulse”.

A modern choose your own adventure narrative, The Pulse adds new layers of interactivity to the medium made popular by the books and games of the 80’s by shaping the outcome of the story based on gaining or losing a character’s trust, exploration, and an ability to make morally challenging decisions at a moment’s notice. As you uncover uncomfortab…

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